Goldstein, Battalen, Challov & Ronen Family Histories

Tag: Pogrom

  • A Chilling Detail

    “… At that time our relatives from Fastov came to us, escaping from armed gangs. The bandits killed our uncle, and they were so scared. There was nothing to do but to have them stay with us, though we had a very small apartment and their family consisted of eight people…” These words are from […]

  • Hard Times in the Challov’s Hometown

    By immigrating, the Challov’s essentially got out of Dodge not a moment too soon.  The disruptions of World War I, the Menshivik and then Bolshevik revolutions of 1917, followed by the Civil War, inflicted challenges and disasters on a scale previously only imagined.  Not that there wasn’t a great deal of suffering in the Jewish […]