Ship manifest for the SS Byron out of Rio de Janeiro on February 8, arriving New York February 27, 1907

“George Jelovsky” aka Harry Challov Ship Manifest, 1907

George Jelovsky is the last name on the list.  I have determined that this is the same as Harry Challov based on information in Harry’s Declaration of Intent and Petition for Naturalization.

Harry Challov Declaration of Intent, November 1909.

The Declaration lists “Krivozer” as his birthplace, which is a clue, but more telling is the information in the Petition, which lists his wife Gussie Beckerman and daughter Esther.

George Cheilovsky’s Petition for Naturalization, July 1916

The confirmation comes in page two of the Petition for Naturalization, where George Cheilovsky formally changes his name to Harry Challov:

“George Cheilofsky” Petition for Naturalization, Page 2
Harry Challov (George Cheilovsky) Certificate of Arrival, needed to complete naturalization.