Fannie Battalen immigrated to the US on the Red Star Line, SS Zeeland, leaving Antwerp on April 5, 1913 and arriving in New York on April 15.  She waited two years for Louis to send her the “Ship’s Card” that was necessary to begin the process of emigration.  She is on line 20 of the manifest.  She was 19 years old, a seamstress, last resided in Kiev and lists her closest relative there are her parents; she lists her father, Meier Ronen, living in Kiev 31 Slokowa (?) Street.  Details of her long wait are in the letters she exchanged with Louis and can be found in the “Romance and Plans for the Future” tab under “Paper Life” in the Battalen section.

Fannie never became a US citizen, therefore there are no Naturalization papers (though there could be a Declaration of Intent out there yet to be found).  As such, she was subject to the Alien Registration Act of 1940, wherein she had to register as an alien and then report any address changes within five days. In 1951 she reported that her address was 1320 East 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY.  She actually had been living there since 1945, when she and Louis purchased the house.  She died in that home on December, 1952.