Goldstein, Battalen, Challov & Ronen Family Histories

Herszenfeld Family, Yocheved Rozenzumen’s mother

HERSZENFELD is the maiden name of Hinde Rozensumen, mother of Yocheved Rozenzumen and grandmother of Szojel Goldsztern (Sol Goldstein).  Her father was Uszer (1775-28 March 1842) Death Registration w/ Translation and her mother was RYFKA (d. 1836) Death Registration w/ Translation.

I know of five children of Uszer and Rykfa, all born in Terespol, Biala, Siedlce, Russian Empire. You’ll notice that often people married people with the same last name; cousin marriage was very common:

GISZA (1798-16 December 1855):  she married Meier Herszenfeld, a merchant (same last name, b. 1894). Death Registration w/ Translation. Their children were:

  1. David Herszenfeld (19 February 1828-15 May 1848); married Feige, maiden name unknown. Death Registration w/ Translation
  2. Aaron Herszenfeld (b. 21 February 1832) Death Registration w/ Translation
  3. Hinde Herszenfeld (b. 1836); married Berek/Berko Herszenfeld (b.1819), son of Avram and Leya Herszenfeld. Death Registration w/ Translation
  4. Ryfka Herszenfeld (1837-November 1842) Death Registration w/ Translation
  5. Joijsze Herszenfeld
  6. Ester Rykla Herszenfeld

AARON (1802-15 October 1831):  he was a butcher or mohel or both.  Death Registration w/ Translation.  He married another Hinde Herszenfeld (b. 1801).  Their children were:

  1. Chanah Rykla (1821-4 October 1837) Death Registration w/ Translation
  2. Cywia (b. 17 June, 1826)  Birth Registration w/ Translation
  3. Herszko (6 May 1829-14 December 1829) Birth: Birth Registration w/ Translation Death: Death Registration w/ Translation
  4. Berek/Berko (b. November 10, 1830)

YANKIEL Herszenfeld

MORDKA Herszenfeld

HINDE HERSZENFELD (1809-26 February 1875) Death Registration w/ Translation; married BERKO ROZENZUMEN  from Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Lubelskie, Poland, where his father owned a tavern; based on his children’s birth registrations he was a merchant or “spekulant.” Marriage Registration w/ Translation Their children were born in Terespol, Biala, Siedlce, Russian Empire:

  1. Bluma (b. 13 November 1829)
  2. Aron (b. 23 Jun 1833)
  3. Yudko (b. 27 Jan 1836)
  4. Icko Hersz (b. 22 Dec 1842)
  5. Meier (b. 1845)
  6. Uszer (May 1845-8 June 1945)
  7. Marya (b. 1846)
  8. YOCHEVED (19 Dec 1849)