Goldstein, Battalen, Challov & Ronen Family Histories

Tag: Detroit

  • Our Friendly Fourth Cousins in Haifa

    Family in Israel!  Finally, genealogical research has revealed some connections! Bruce and I had been invited to spend our second Shabbat in Israel this past February with our Rozenzumen cousins in Haifa, Yosi and Nitza Ben-Dov, staying over on Friday night in their home.  Here’s a reminder of how we are related:  My great-grandmother was […]

  • Hard Times in the Challov’s Hometown

    By immigrating, the Challov’s essentially got out of Dodge not a moment too soon.  The disruptions of World War I, the Menshivik and then Bolshevik revolutions of 1917, followed by the Civil War, inflicted challenges and disasters on a scale previously only imagined.  Not that there wasn’t a great deal of suffering in the Jewish […]

  • Reuniting the Challov Family

    Growing up in Detroit, my father Isadore Goldstein didn’t talk much about his family.  He occasionally mentioned “Tante Chaika” or a cousin Bella, or his father’s brothers by name, but he never really said anything about these people or how they were related.  We didn’t see photos and when we went to visit family in […]