Goldstein, Battalen, Challov & Ronen Family Histories

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  • The Sad Publicity of the Pashkov Affair

    Iosel Pasikov’s murder and the accusation that his father had killed a Christian child in a ritual murder was apparently big news in the Russian Empire in late 1913-early 1914.  Stas Tarasov, my new genealogy friend and possibly a Ronen cousin, has found quite a bit of material on the case.  For example, he found […]

  • A Chilling Detail

    “… At that time our relatives from Fastov came to us, escaping from armed gangs. The bandits killed our uncle, and they were so scared. There was nothing to do but to have them stay with us, though we had a very small apartment and their family consisted of eight people…” These words are from […]

  • Ronen Research Yields Some Interesting Results

    Recently I hired a researcher in Kiev to look into the family of Fenya (Fannie) Ronen, who was the only member of her immediate family to have immigrated to the United States. Genealogical research in Russia is complicated and difficult: there is the matter of language, there is little or no access to records, digitization […]