Goldstein, Battalen, Challov & Ronen Family Histories

Tag: Soviet Union

  • Our Politically Suspicious Forbear

    Our great-grandfather, Meier Yankelevich Ronen, was labeled “politically suspicious” by the fledgling Soviet government in 1922.  What does that mean and how do I know this? In March 2022 I received an email through the Family Finder from a man named Stas Tarasov: “I’m interested in your info on “Ronen” from Loyew and Kyiv […]

  • The Goldsztern’s & Brisk (Brest) in World War II

    Before the start of World War ll on September 1, 1939, Brest and Terespol were both part of Poland.  Terespol is on the west side of the Bug River and Brest is on the east side, so members of the Goldsztern family moved easily between Terespol and Brest (Brisk); the two entities had been closely […]