Goldstein, Battalen, Challov & Ronen Family Histories

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  • Surviving the Holocaust:  Before, During and After

    The gates of memory opened for Pnina Goldsztern Shaufer (Perla) when I first spoke with her in October 2019, flooding her with memories and details of her young life in Poland.  Based on conversations with her and her brother Shraga (Fayvel), I have pieced together this story of their family’s life in Poland before World […]

  • The Goldsztern’s & Brisk (Brest) in World War II

    Before the start of World War ll on September 1, 1939, Brest and Terespol were both part of Poland.  Terespol is on the west side of the Bug River and Brest is on the east side, so members of the Goldsztern family moved easily between Terespol and Brest (Brisk); the two entities had been closely […]

  • The Goldsztern Family that Stayed in Poland – Tila & Yudel Moshe

    Eight Goldsztern children lived to have families of their own, out of eleven born to Berko Goldsztern and Yachet Rozenzumen between 1870 and 1891.  My grandfather Sol Goldstein gave me this information and I have been able to identify and locate nine of the eleven:  three who immigrated to the US, three who stayed in […]